Cycling Underwear Clothing Shorts Pants Sportswear Sports Bike Cycle Gear No.3



Ships from Hong Kong. It’s important to wear cycling underwear, because when one goes cycling, it’s unavoidable to sit on the hard seat which would have a press on the key organ. Wearing the cycling underwear can not only protect human body, but also perspire. It can improve the speed of cycling and let you enjoy cycling. For the special design with sports saddle, one could feel more comfortable and better enjoy the fun of cycling. Folding length of waist: 76 / 29.92 inch Unfold length of waist/ waist circumference: 112 /44.09 inch Breathable gridding material is good for you to perspire in summer. Its design with sports saddle which is made of silica gel making you feel more comfortable on the cycling seat, and protecting you from riding on twist and turn of the road. It’s suitable for you on your way to outdoor sports like cycling, skating or climbing,etc. It can be put on together with cycling pants or casual pants, sports pants, jeans.