R. Kelly Found Guilty On All Counts In Sex Trafficking Trial

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The results are in: R&B legend
A Brooklyn jury has found R. Kelly guilty of sex trafficking.
Kelly was found guilty on all nine charges of racketeering and sex trafficking, according to CBS News, in the high-profile case, which included hours of detailed testimony from the singer’s accusers and eyewitnesses to his behavior.
The decision was made public on Monday (September 27).
Kelly’s demeanor in court was defeated throughout the day Monday as he looked hunched over before sitting up slightly straighter when the verdict was announced, CBS News’ Nathalie Nieves reports. Kelly wore a blue suit, white mask, and carried a folio-type folder while walking in.
Kelly was completely still as Judge Ann Donnelley called the jury in. He closed his eyes occasionally as the verdict was read, but he appeared steady and did not fidget.
Kelly remained stoic throughout the proceedings, according to Nieves.
Only four days after the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments, the jury reached a decision.
R. Kelly was charged with racketeering in a federal court in Brooklyn, based on criminal conduct that included child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, forced labor, and Mann Act violations involving the coercion and transportation of women and girls in interstate commerce to engage in illegal activity.
What is the definition of racketeering?



Racketeering, a charge most commonly linked with organized crime, refers to any act or threat carried out using coordinated illicit means, such as bribery, extortion, or dealing in obscene stuff.
Prosecutors said in the case of R. Kelly that the singer and his “inner circle” recruited girls and young women for sexual exploitation and to produce pornography for more than two decades and in multiple states, according to the New York Times.



For the trial, which began on Wednesday, August 18, seven men and five women were chosen as jurors.
The jury’s racial composition was not revealed.
The prosecution presented 45 witnesses over the course of 19 days, while the defense presented five witnesses over the course of two days, beginning on Monday, September 20.
During his own trial, the singer did not testify.
The plot of this narrative is continuously unfolding…